Feeling so very very depressed.  have been being bullied by some local jerks with a load of untrue stuff because we listened to our son and answered a question someone asked us about why we were concerned.  6 months after that out of the blue we got the most disgusting unsigned letter from these people, saying we had made a complaint (we explicitly hadn’t) and full of all sorts of other stuff that just wasn’t true, including personal attacks on our family.  Now the group have moved on to taking things out on our son.

I have just deactivated my facebook account for at least a few days.  Am feeling really really depressed.  Feel saddest that people who should know better have gone along with this rubbish.  Everything would be so much better if I was not around.  Easier on the kids.  Easier on the real friends I do have who see the upset and care about me.  I can’t cope with this anymore.  Any of it.  I am not a bad person  I am very forgiving of people.  I am the first to say thank you or well done when deserved.  I don’t make personal attacks on people.  I have integrity and will stand up for principles I believe in.  I love my kids and listen to them when they voice concerns about things.  I word things very carefully and discuss issues not people.  Why does everything feel so out of step?  Why are other people so much more careless and happy to lie about people and things?  I watch people waltz through life treating people badly and still those people hang around – I just can’t do that.  I am incredibly loyal to my friends but I can’t cope with hypocrisy.

To be bullied by members of an organisation like this who are supposed to be role models for kids and have integrity, and to have them treat a child the way they have is beyond my understanding.  Everyone who is not directly involved and who has seen the documents involved has been appalled but the lies locally are so widespread with secret meetings where our family was discussed and people seem to believe them without question.  We did nothing to deserve this.  Really nothing.  I just don’t understand any of it anymore and I feel so completely alone.  And I do feel more and more that my kids would be better off with me gone.  Which makes me incredibly sad because I have an utterly clear conscience about this – knowing I have done nothing wrong, nothing that I would not do again or say in the same way if I was asked.  And knowing that I would never ever take things out on a child who has done nothing wrong except be honest and trustworthy.  But it would be easier for them all.  I’d like to make their lives easier than mine is.

Nothing stays the same.  The kids are all that much older – B1 and B2 both start new schools this year.  The Girl is still at the same old place but we have a new, and so far much preferable, principal and I just try and have as little to do with the place as possible.  I am still studying.  Haven’t knitted for a couple of years – will no doubt pick it up again when I am ready but seem busy enough.

Hope all is good with any of you who find your way here



I have neglected you and that is not about to change.  My energy has been limited and I have not even picked up needles or finished a book in weeks and weeks.  I am way behind on all my blogs – even my very favourites like Amy & Yarn Harlot.  I have been playing pointless but fun (which is a point I guess) computer games.  I have the art and craft season coming up on me and my heart isn’t in that either.  A general slump.  Oh – and I’ve been facebooking a bit.

I do think about you though, old friendly blog, and I will be faithful in the end.

This wee item about our commuity was on Radio NZ today.  Mentions the march I helped organise (pre my oldest starting school) during network reviews, and not a bad overview of this place we call home. Only about 5 mins long…

listen here :)

The very wonderful Geoff Moon died last night, aged 93. He was one of the top wildlife photographers in NZ – just fantastic.

Examples of his work can be found here – I love the pigeon on the nikau half way down on right but the clarity and quality of all is wonderful.  A little about how he worked is here.

I will really miss seeing new work by him – I always noticed his photos.

A meme that someone sent me (lost track of who – was a while ago!!)

Use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

Your Name – EnnaVic
Four letter word – east
Boy name – Edward
Girl name – Elsbeth
Occupation – engineer
Color – ecru
Beverage – egg nog
Something found in a bathroom – eye drops
A Place – Ekaterinburg
Reason for being late – escaping children (can be read 2 ways – both would work *g*)
Food – eclairs (yummy!)
Something you shout – Echo echo echo

This is such a good idea – on Alien Onions: Famous last words

See how many you can figure out.  It’s a good list as a wide range of books, some quite recent and some older classics.

I know twelve of the books, I think :)  Am still thinking about a couple – a few I have no idea about at all.  I’m going to mull a few days before checking the answers.   Number 6 brought back memories – remember going to see the film with my entire primary school.


NB:  I haven’t posted the blackout related post I was going to because there have been developments and a bit more consultation is happening. I don’t think the situation will be entirely relieved but at least people are talking.  Listening may be another issue.

I have finally succumbed to a nasty cold that The Engineer has had for the last week.  Hopefully the kids avoid it!


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